We are grateful to the many sources who allow for educational, non-commercial use of their material.

There are many United Empire Loyalist organizations throughout Canada, and there are also personal websites by descendants of the original Loyalists. For more information about the Loyalists, here are some sites you may want to check out:

Canada Channel/ The Founders
Canada Channel/ The Loyalists
United Empire Loyalists

Loyalists, Hidden History of the American Revolution

Loyalists, Eastern Townships/ Quebec

Mohawk Valley/ Loyalists
Mohawk Valley

Revolution Loyalists

Lord Dorchester/ Mark of Honour
Lord Dorchester/ United Empire Loyalists

There are many sites with information about King George III. Here are two that we liked:

King George III
King George III Letter

Here are some links for information about the Native American cultures in eastern North America:

Wampum Chronicles
Iroquois Museum
First Peoples of Canada
Woodland Centre

You can find information about abolition and Africans in North America at these sites:

PBS Africans in America
San Domingo Revolution
Black Loyalist
Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade

What was going on in the rest of the world while the Bartletts worked hard to create their new home? The Bartlett Times gives you an annual report on what was happening elsewhere, both good and bad news from around the world. Here are some of the reference websites we used:

Canadian Encyclopedia
Canada Channel (This is not the television channel website!)

We found the shepherd's description of the deadly eruptions of the Laki volcano in Iceland at here.

Some of the images we used came from online reference sources that allow educational, non-commercial use. The Bartletts would like to thank:

Library and Archives Canada
The Archives of Ontario
The City of Toronto Archives

The online service of Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse for maps and clipart, maps and clipart.

Wellcome Images
Project Gutenburg
The Khan Academy